An Attitude of Gratitude

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Thursday 8 November 2012

Day 8: Self Guest Post

Today we welcome Robin Norgren from Spark and Inspire.

I particularly asked Robin to work with today's theme of Self because of this blog post.

What do you think about yourself? 
What things about yourself are you grateful for?

What a beautiful question. What do I think of myself? 

I have had an evolution with this.  When I became a Christian, I was taught that you need to not think too highly of yourself.  Well that worked for me because man all I could see in the mirror were all of these flaws!

But then as the years went on, I began to sense that maybe this self loathing might not be pleasing to God either. So what are you to do when you might feel like you are attractive but you do not feel like your type of beauty is the 'norm.'

I really do love how I look. In fact as the years go on I feel like I am growing into a deeper sense of beauty. I feel like as I get more settled with who God is and how He sees me, I find I am more gentle with the woman in the mirror. I feel grace kicking in a bit more at about the same time that gravity is kicking in in certain areas. I now integrate a mental beauty and a spiritual beauty within the equation.

My girl has this question that she asks sometimes when she gets ready for school (she is 6): 'Ready to see the beauty?'   It just melts me… It reminds me that this just might be what God is saying to me – Ready to see the beauty?

Thank you to Robin (and her beautiful daughter) for today's guest blog post.

And in case you've never met Robin before here is a short biography: 
Hi there!  My name is Robin Norgren and I am a life coach living in Arizona.  I love to share my heart through mixed media though currently I have a new found love for watercolor.  My first love is writing and I have grown into who I am today mostly through this exercise.

I love to get to know people through asking deep thinking questions formed in unconventional ways and through creative exercises.  I believe everyone is creative and that creativity is a means to experience deep healing,

I write books and workbooks around faith and creativity and finding your creative voice.  I love to facilitate collaborations with creative entrepreneurs and faith filled creatives.  

My love for Jesus helps me in my darkest times and I am thankful for the creative ways God connects with me through creativity and through people.