An Attitude of Gratitude

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Saturday 3 November 2012

Day 3: Creativity Guest Post

Today we welcome our first guest, Julie Kirk.  I asked Julie to use today's theme because her own blog shows such a range of creativity.

Here are her thoughts on the Starting Point questions: 

What does creativity mean to you?
To me creativity means some quite contradictory things:

It means I means saving money by not always buying a card or a gift but making one instead … but then we all know how stash shopping can get a little out of hand. And I‘ve seldom met a craft shop I didn’t like!

It means work and meeting deadlines as I contribute to crafting magazines … yet fortunately it still also means relaxation, switching off my brain and just gluing one bit of paper to another!

And it means freedom, ‘anything goes’ and pleasing myself … but if I want to share it with others – and I really do – it also means conquering the settings on my camera and corralling all my rambling ideas into a single coherent blog post or tutorial!

How do you express your creativity?
I’ve tried many crafts in the past but at the moment I feel my most comfortable with scrapbooking and art journaling.  But equally as important to my creative side is my blogging.

What in particular are you thankful for in the creative areas of your life?
I am eternally grateful that we’re not all the same.

The fact that some people like to read tutorials … while I prefer to write them ... means I get to share my creative ideas while expressing my lifelong ‘teacher-ish’ leanings.  

I’m always delighted when someone gets in touch to say something they’ve seen or read of mine has helped them with a project or given them confidence to try something new.

Sharing ideas, tips and stories with others really is a huge motivation for me right across my creativity and I’m grateful for the internet for making the majority of that possible for me!

Julie's page
My page, featuring a pigeon which was partly cut from an old book and partly hand drawn and coloured  was influenced by today’s quote, technique and challenge. 

My thanks to Julie for her contribution our challenge blog.